2017 BRI Leadership Conference—VIDEOS: Healing Our Healers Through the Patient-Doctor Relationship

April 2, 2017

To view all videos from the 2108 BRI Student Leadership Conference in St. Louis, MO, click here.

“Healing our healers through the patient-doctor relationship” — Dr. Beth Haynes, Benjamin Rush Institute

“Using Healthcare Consumerism to Empower the Doctor-Patient Relationship”— Elaina George, MD
On February 2, 2017, Dr. Elaina George delivered the Keynote Luncheon Speech to medical students attending Benjamin Rush Institute’s Leadership Conference. Dr. George, a Board Certified Otolaryngologist from Atlanta is also on the board of Liberty HealthShare, a healthcare cost sharing ministry. Dr. George discusses how she rediscovered her love of practicing medicine in part due to innovations in the free market healthcare movement.

“Doctoring on Your Terms”—Julie Gunther, MD
Dr. Julie Gunther, a direct care doctor in Idaho, was a featured speaker at BRI’s 5th Annual Leadership Conference in St. Louis. In her talk, Dr. Gunther describes her journey to finding fulfillment and happiness in how she set up her own private practice, doctoring on her terms. Her patients are also benefitting from Dr. Gunther’s medical practice model.

“Hippocratic Medicine in the Age of Population Health”—Michel Accad, MD

Dr. Michel Accad, a cardiologist based in San Francisco, was a featured speaker at BRI’s 5th Annual Leadership Conference 2017 in St. Louis. How did the shift in thinking about human beings starting with René Descartes influence our medical thinking today?

Ask the Docs: Questions, Concerns, What is Direct Primary Care?—BRI Q&A Panel

At Benjamin Rush Institute’s 5th Annual Leadership Conference, we assembled a panel of doctors, students and professionals to address common medical student FAQs. Among questions addressed are: What are some of the concerns facing doctors today? What is the healthcare landscape going to be like for graduating medical students? And how does Direct Primary Care work?

“Being Involved in Your Local Medical Society”—Trenton Schmale

Trenton Schmale, BRI-Marian chapter founder & past president talks about the importance of medical students being involved in their local and state medical societies so that they can impact legislative issues from the ground up.

“Health 3.0: Healing Together, through the Person-Person Relationship”—Venu Julapalli, MD

Dr. Venu Julapalli is a gastroenterologist and founder of Integral Gastroenterology Center, one of the first fully direct-care, third-party-free GI practices in the nation. Author of Unique Self Medicine and Health 3.0, a movement to renew the future of medicine and health care through uniqueness, Dr. Julapalli also co-founded Conscious Medicine, a well-being program that integrates conventional with nonconventional medicine. Dr. Julapalli is incoming president of United Physician and Surgeons of America, which founded Let My Doctor Practice, a movement to restore the practice of health care to those who actually practice health care.

“Why Independence Matters”—Marni Jameson Carey, Association of Independent Doctors (AID)

Marni Jameson Carey, executive director of the Association of Independent Doctors (AID), shares why medical independence is critical to providing the best care to the most people at most affordable prices, while simultaneously nurturing physicians and the patient-doctor relationship.

“Finding the Joy”—Juliette Madrigal-Dersch, MD

Dr. Juliette Madrigal-Dersch owns a Med-Peds cash-based medical practice in Texas. In this video, she shares with the BRI leadership conference attendees her journey to establishing a practice that best serves her patients, her family and her lifestyle.

“The Proper Role of Insurance”—Gayle Brekke MBA, FSA

Gayle Brekke, MBA, FSA, PhD Candidate, Kansas University Medical Center returns to Benjamin Rush Institute’s leadership conference to speak on the proper role of insurance. Understanding the distinction between healthcare and health insurance is critical to be able to craft healthcare policy that does the most good for the most people.

“History of Government in US Medicine”—Beth Haynes, MD

Beth Haynes, MD is BRI’s executive director and explains the history of government in US medicine, which sheds light on why we find ourselves in today’s problematic healthcare policy climate.

“What About the Poor?” How free markets address disparities—Beth Haynes, MD

Dr. Beth Haynes, BRI executive director, explains how free market healthcare policy solutions that promote competition, innovation and protect the patient-doctor relationship are the best way to ensure high-quality, affordable and accessible medical care for the most people.

“Is Healthcare a Right?”—Beth Haynes, MD
Dr. Beth Haynes, BRI executive director explains why as much as we may sympathize with the unexamined idea that healthcare is a right, there are many factors that must be considered, such as: If healthcare is a right, do we have a mandate to demand that certain people provide it?

“BRI in Nigeria”—Aishat Olanlege
Aishat Olanlege heard of Benjamin Rush Institute through Students for Liberty, became a member, and founded one of the most impressive BRI chapters. Based in Ibadan, Oyo State, Ms. Olanlege understands that Nigeria’s healthcare challenges are not exactly like those in the US, yet, there are fundamental principles that transcend nations.

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