2018 BRI Student Leadership Conference: Ethics of the Patient-Doctor Relationship, Columbus, OH

December 20, 2017

Ethics of the
Patient-Doctor Relationship

Thursday evening, March 8th through Sunday noon, March 11th, 2018
Ohio State University School of Medicine Campus, Columbus, OH

ethics patient doctor relationship
Ohio State University School of Medicine, Columbus, Ohio

APPLICATIONS FOR THE CONFERENCE Ethics of the Patient-Doctor Relationship are being ACCEPTED for BRI student leader members! Speak with your chapter leaders and officers and determine which students should attend!

We will address today’s pressing questions:

  • What are the ethical requirements related to patient confidentiality—and how do mandates like HIPAA and EHRs affect them?
  • Is healthcare a right? (e.g. single-payer or Medicare for All)
  • To whom does a doctor owe loyalty? An employer or insurance contract, government (“state”) rules, or the patient?
  • What happens when regulations, government policy, and other third parties insert their priorities into medical decision making?
  • How does the concept of “social justice” affect the patient-doctor relationship?

There are examples throughout history where blatant disregard for medical ethics and the patient-doctor relationship are obvious and egregious—The Third Reich and today’s Communist China are just two examples. But what about when interference in the patient-doctor relationship is more subtle? What about ‘rationing,’ and ‘the greater good?’

At BRI’s 2018 Student Leadership Conference, we will explore the ethics of the patient-doctor relationship and dig deeply into who is responsible for which aspects of this relationship, and what is the proper and fitting role of government in this relationship?

We have an exciting lineup of speakers for you, including Drs. Jules Madrigal-Dersch, Bob Emmons, Raul Atal, Sameer Lakha, and Twila Brase, RN. We are also doing something a little different this year—we’re opening up Friday’s luncheon Keynote session to the greater OSU student body, as well as the standard Friday night panel discussion.

It’s going to be a GREAT conference. You won’t want to miss it.

Click HERE to access the dedicated 2018 Leadership Conference web page. It will be updated frequently and will be your best source for the latest details, agenda, speakers list, and logistics.

Get going on holding events, event, events so your chapter can win an award to send an extra student or two to the conference!

Click HERE to apply to attend the conference.

If you still have questions after reviewing the CONFERENCE WEB PAGE and the APPLICATION FORM, email [email protected].

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