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2018 BRI Student Leadership Conference, Columbus, OH

This year: The Ethics of the Patient-Doctor Relationship

To whom does a doctor owe loyalty? An employer or insurance contract, government ("state") rules, or the patient?
What happens when regulations, government policy, and other third parties insert their priorities into medical decision making?
How does the concept of "social justice" affect the patient-doctor relationship?

Luncheon Keynote Address: Medical Ethics and the Holocaust: Lessons From the Past, with Dr. Raul Artal

OSU, Meiling Hall Room #112 370 W 9th Ave, Columbus, OH

Medical Ethics and the Holocaust: Lessons From the Past For the first time, Benjamin Rush Institute is opening its Friday Keynote Luncheon address with Dr. Raul Artal to the greater OSU, OUHCOM, other local universities, and the greater Columbus community. Raul Artal, MD, FACOG, FACSM will be our luncheon Keynote Speaker on the topic Medical Ethics and the Holocaust: […]