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The Physician’s Fiduciary Responsibility to the Patient — Rafael Fonseca, MD

Medicaid: Challenges and Solutions — Katherine Restrepo

Breaking Down Barriers in Healthcare in Nigeria — Aishat Olanlege, MD

SeeThru Healthcare: Blockchain | Healthcare | Transparency — Adi Segal

PANEL: Social Justice and the Patient–Doctor Relationship

The Sanctity of the Patient-Doctor Relationship—Jules Madrigal, MD

Privacy in the Era of EHRs—Twila Brase RN, PHN

Single-Payer Healthcare: Hopes, Dreams, Realities—Sameer Lakha, MD

Falcon Heavy Health Care: What can we learn from Elon Musk and apply to healthcare?—Robert Graboyes, PhD

Renewed Trust: From Distributive Justice to Do No Harm in Medical Ethics—Robert S. Emmons, MD

Direct Primary Care: Ethics of the Patient-Doctor Relationship—Heather Bartlett, MD

Medical Ethics and the Holocaust: Lessons From the Past—Raul Artal, MD

Effective Communication Strategies—Merlin Huff, MFA

The Medical Community Speaks Out

BRI is a proud supporter of the NEXGENMED Podcast, where current medical students and professionals discuss free market healthcare.

Check out recent episodes:

Episode #57:
G. Keith Smith, cofounder of the Oklahoma Surgery Center.

BRI student host, Rufus Sweeney, and Dr. G. Keith Smith, cofounder of the Oklahoma Surgery Center, discuss the benefits of free enterprise in the practice of medicine and how practice models such as Direct Primary and Direct Speciality Care are the answer to reforming our broken healthcare system.

Episode #56:
Dr. Gilbert Berdine, Associate Professor of Internal & Pulmonary Medicine at Texas Tech Health Science Center and Faculty Affiliate with the Free Market Institute.

Dr. Gilbert Berdine traces his interesting and informative journey from studying engineering at MIT to practicing pulmonology and Austrian economics at Texas Tech.

Episode #55:
Dr. Christy Ford Chapin, Associate Professor, (Ph.D. University of Virginia)

Dr. Christy Ford Chapin and podcast host, Rufus Sweeney, discuss, "How Did Our Healthcare System Become Such a Mess?" the journey in depth.

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Educational Materials

For more information regarding free market healthcare authored by leading social scientists and physicians, check out the references below.


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