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National BRI Student Leadership Conference

Red Lion Hotel Denver Southeast, Aurora, CO 3200 S Parker Rd, Aurora, CO, United States

Current & Future

BRI Student Chapter Leaders

You care about the future of medicine — you ARE the future of medicine! 
Want to ...
  — learn how to make your BRI Chapter an effective, vital part of your school's educational program?
  — know how to start and maintain a vibrant BRI Chapter that hosts exceptional, noteworthy debates, lectures, lunch presentations, and talks?
  — be part of the answer to establishing American healthcare that really works... for everyone?
You will...
  — meet like-minded student leaders from medical schools across the country
  — exchange ideas, support and experience to help each other succeed in all areas
If we are going to reach the hearts and minds of young physicians, YOU are the ones who will make it happen; without you, the values and ideas we share will NOT be heard in medical schools.

Washington DC – Building a BOLD Future: BRI Annual Student Leadership Conference

Washington D.C. 525 New Jersey Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC, United States


See full 3-day Agenda. 

We are facing challenges in U.S. healthcare like never before. America's future doctors will encounter unprecedented regulations and government interference that practitioners just ten years ago never dreamed of. What happens to tomorrow's doctors depends entirely on what we achieve today in protecting and preserving the doctor-patient relationship, cost transparency, and free market competition.

We stand for tomorrow's doctors to be able to practice medicine without burdensome and stifling regulations, and with freedom to focus on their primary concern: each individual patient. We're glad you're in this with us, and we look forward to getting to work with you in Washington, DC to create an environment where a healthcare system based on abundance, technological excellence, and doctor-patient rights can emerge.

That will entail standing for a bold future.

AAPP ’16 Fall Summit on Private Medicine

Hyatt Regency Embarcadero San Francisco, CA, United States

Benjamin Rush Institute sent nine medical students to the American Academy of Private Physicians annual Direct Primary Care conference.

2017 BRI Leadership Conference in Saint Louis, MO

Holiday Inn Express 4630 Lindell Blvd, St. Louis, MO, United States

Doctors are called upon to treat the sickest of the sick, often in conditions that demand the most of the strongest human beings. Yet, even in America with some of the best medical conditions in the world, doctors are still called upon to serve, heal, and respond—over and over again—usually with no thought for their own well-being, endurance, or limitations.

Medical students are also found in similar situations: forced to the brink of their mental, emotional, and physical capacity, to study, learn and perform on cue . . . and they do this because they want to serve people.

So, how do we take care of our doctors and medical students? Based on the sheer number of healthcare professionals who drop out of school, out of their practices, or —worse yet, out of life itself through suicide—the answer is: not well at all.

At the Benjamin Rush Institute annual student leadership conference, we will present concrete, workable and proven ways to improve healthcare for all, and above all, heal our healers through the patient-doctor relationship.


2018 BRI Student Leadership Conference, Columbus, OH

This year: The Ethics of the Patient-Doctor Relationship

To whom does a doctor owe loyalty? An employer or insurance contract, government ("state") rules, or the patient?
What happens when regulations, government policy, and other third parties insert their priorities into medical decision making?
How does the concept of "social justice" affect the patient-doctor relationship?