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Faith Njoku


UC Irvine: Documentary Movie Screening of “Code Black” — Q&A session with Dr. Beth Haynes, BRI Executive Director

University of California, Irvine—Tamkin Hall California Ave, Irvine, CA

BRI UC-Irvine Poverty, Inc. movie screening

CODE-BLACK-Boston-358x599The Student National Medical Association, the Emergency Medicine Interest Group and Benjamin Rush Institute invite you to enjoy some food and beverages while screening CODE BLACK, a documentary offering a tense, doctor’s-eye view right into the heart of the healthcare debate—bringing us face to face with young doctors-in-training as they wrestle openly with both their ideals and with the realities of saving lives in a complex and overburdened system.

The full-length screening event will feature a panel discussion after the film with BRI executive director, Dr. Beth Haynes, and Michael Seitzman, producer of the CBS show based off of this documentary. Seating is limited, so be sure to RSVP early by clicking on the green "Register" link, above right.BRI Haynes Beth Executive Director


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UC Irvine School of Medicine — RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT OUTREACH Trip: Health Disparities are Issues of Poverty

College of Medicine and Rural Areas, Ibadan University Of Ibadan-Ajibode Road, Ibadan

Health Disparities are Issues of Poverty:
A Research and Development Trip to Ibadan, Nigeria

BRI Faith NjokuMs. Faith Chibugo Njoku, Medical Student at University of California, Irvine School of Medicine will visit Nigeria where she will meet with other BRI leaders, members and supporters, using what she has learned from PovertyCure and elsewhere to create a platform from which to discuss how education, improvements in healthcare management, and refocused health policy can foster positive socio-economic solutions in rural Nigerian villages. By reaching medical students, local physicians, and the greater Ibadan community, Ms. Njoku and the “Project Group” will explore the local government’s role, or lack thereof, in Ibadan’s primary health sector.


UC Irvine School of Medicine—PANEL DISCUSSION: Health Disparities are Issues of Poverty

Tamkin Auditorium, UC Irvine School of Medicine 825 Health Sciences Rd, Irvine, CA

Poverty is challenging enough; time and experience have revealed that good intentions to eradicate or alleviate suffering may in certain cases make problems associated with poverty and health disparities worse. This cruel irony is discussed Michael Matheson Miller’s documentary Poverty, Inc., and has been experienced by others first hand. 

BRI UC-Irvine Poverty, Inc. movie screening Faith Njoku (L), UC Irvine-BRI chapter president at a Poverty, Inc. film screening last year.

Health Disparities are issues of poverty. What are possible solutions?

Join us as we welcome a panel of second year medical students from the University of California Irvine School of Medicine who participated in a medical mission trip in June 2016 to Tanzania, Panama and Indonesia. They will highlight the economic, social and health issues they encountered, adding to our understanding of the global aid business, global poverty, and the impact of both on health disparities. At this student-led panel discussion, we hope to ignite a rich, flexible conversation by will providing clear examples and practical solutions of this phenomenon.