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Mayo Medical School: “Understanding Insurance: the key to worldwide, affordable, quality healthcare”

Gugg 2-31 Charlton Hall Mayo Medical School Gonda Building, 200 1st St SW, Rochester, MN, United States

Dr. Beth Haynes, MD
"Understanding Insurance: the key to worldwide, affordable, quality healthcare"

How many Americans have proper health insurance? The latest figures from March of 2014claim that 13.1% of Americans are without health insurance. But in fact, very few Americans have health insurance... because what people call health insurance really isn't insurance at all. To solve the challenges we face in healthcare, we must be clear in our concepts and definitions. The failure to understand what is and ins't insurance is a major, if not the major reason we are failing to get a handle on spiraling health care costs. If you are concerned about the state of healthcare - not just in the US but throughout the world - you first need to understand insurance: what it is and what it isn't,  and thus what it can and can't do toward achieving meaningful access to quality medical care.

Until we fully understand what is and isn't insurance, healthcare costs can not be controlled by anything short of full rationing. Come find out why.