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The Ohio State University College of Medicine: Lecture — The Economics of Healthcare Insurance: Supply and Demand

The Ohio State University, Meiling Hall, Room 160 370 W 9th Ave, Columbus, OH, United States

NOTE: This event takes place in the eastern time zone. Food and beverages will be served, so RSVPs are highly appreciated to ensure there's enough.

Come see Healthcare Insurance from a different angle — an economic angle!

The Economics of Healthcare Insurance: Supply & Demand

BRI OSU Lecture Suyang Li Suyang Li, M2, OSU College of Medicine

ALL are welcome to attend our FREE lunch lecture on the economics of healthcare insurance, delivered by Suyang Li, an M2 student with an economics background. Mr. Li has offered to deliver a lecture on supply and demand for OSU students who might not have gotten an introductory course to micro- and/or macroeconomics. He is then going to tie it into healthcare insurance costs.


The Ohio State University College of Medicine, Columbus—LECTURE: A Free Market Approach to Healthcare: Cash Based Medical Practices

Meiling Hall, OSUMC 370 W 9th Ave, Columbus, OH, United States

BRI Speaker Jules Madrigal, MD Dr. Jules Madrigal-Dersch on cash based medical practices

All students, faculty, and practicing physicians are welcome to attend our inaugural 2016-17 BRI-OSUMC event on cash based medical practices. We welcome Jules Madrigal-Dersch, MD and BRI board member, to speak about her cash based Med-Peds practice in rural Texas. Having this event early in the year may be important in giving our new M1's a refreshing, new perspective on the broad range of Primary Care practices and encouraging future physicians to look into Family Medicine as a enjoyable career option.

We encourage practicing physicians and other healthcare professionals to attend to get information on how to scale a cash based medical practice model like Dr. Madrigal's to an urban setting.

Refreshments will be served.