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Stony Brook—LECTURE: What Is and Isn’t Insurance, and Why It Matters to Controlling Healthcare Costs

Stony Brook School of Medicine, Health Sciences Tower, Lecture Hall 5 100 Nicolls Rd, Stony Brook, NY, United States

All are welcome to attend this lunch lecture. Food will be provided to those who RSVP within 48 hours of the event.

Think you know what insurance is? Do you know how it relates to healthcare costs? Come find out what you may not know!

BRI Haynes Beth Executive DirectorDr. Beth Haynes, executive director of the Benjamin Rush Institute, will be meeting with students of the Stony Brook Medical School campus during lunch to discuss the topic: "What Is and Isn't Insurance, and Why It Matters to Controlling Healthcare Costs."

POST-EVENT SUMMARY: Forty-nine students and faculty attended this lunch lecture. Dr. Beth Haynes, Executive Director of BRI, gave an hour long presentation over lunch to first year students of the Stony Brook School of Medicine. As our chapter feels not many medical students receive any formal education on the topics of health policy (unless they are in a dual degree program), we asked Dr. Haynes to speak about "What is and isn't health insurance."

"Dr. Haynes's presentation provided a great foundation to understanding the language involved in debating healthcare policy, and the importance of understanding terms which are used inappropriately (specifically, "insurance"). By clarifying the nature of insurance as just one mechanism by which healthcare can be financed, it sowed the seeds of more productive conversation amongst the student body (overheard in the halls and facebook, long after the presentation had ended)." ~Sean Randazzo, event coordinator