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Saint Louis University School of Medicine—DEBATE: Single-Payer Healthcare v. Free Market Healthcare

Learning Resource Center, LRC A Auditorium Schwitalla Hall, 1402 S Grand Blvd, St Louis, MO, United States

BE IT RESOLVED: Single-payer is an effective way to reduce cost and improve healthcare outcomes.

This will be a debate between Dr. Ed Weisbart, Chair of Missouri | Physicians for a National Health Plan (PHNP), and Dr. Josh Umbehr, founder of AtlasMD, on what provides the most effective ways to reduce costs and improve healthcare outcomes: a single-payer healthcare system, or other solutions based on the free market.

BRI Ed Weisbart MDDr. Weisbart will be arguing the affirmative, supporting a single-payer system.



Dr. Josh Umbehr, AtlasMDDr. Umbehr will be arguing in opposition, against a single-payer system.




Moderator: Dr. Kamal Gursahani

Associate Professor of Surgery
Director of Operations, Emergency Department
Fellow, Bander Center of Medical Ethics