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Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai: Debate — Resolved: It should be legal for doctors to participate in intentionally hastening a patient’s death.

Annenberg Bldg., Room 12-01 1468 Madison Ave, New York, NY, United States

NOTE: This event takes place in the eastern time zone. Food will be served; RSVPs are greatly appreciated by clicking the green REGISTER button top right.

BRI-Mount Sinai and The Arthur N. Rupe Foundation will be hosting a debate and a discussion about the legality of physician aided dying. Please join us to debate the following Resolution:

It should be legal for doctors to participate in intentionally hastening a patient's death.

BRI Stefan Baumrin Dr. Stefan Baumrin

Arguing the Affirmative: Dr. David Leven, Executive Director of Compassion & Choices of New York.

Arguing the Opposition: Dr. Stefan Baumrin (Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University and J.D. Columbia University School of Law) will debate the question of whether physicians should participate intentionally in hastening a patient's death. Following the debate, students will break out into small groups to discuss the issue further. Issues related to physician autonomy, patient wellbeing, and the intersection of ethics, law, and government will be explored.

Moderator: Robert Zimbroff