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University of California Medical School at San Diego—LECTURE: Health Policy with CA Assemblyman Brian Maienschein

Biomedical Sciences Building, Liebow Auditorium San Diego, CA, United States

All are welcome to attend BRI-UCSD chapter's lecture on healthcare policy by someone who has been intimately involved in this area. Refreshments will be served.

maienscheinCalifornia Assembly member Brian Maienschein, representing Assembly District 77 of northern San Diego County, will be speaking to the legislative process as it relates to healthcare policy and the role that med students can play. He will also touch on what he has seen during his time as Vice Chair of the Assembly Health Committee and how it has shaped his viewpoint as to what "good" healthcare policy looks like—and why more isn't necessarily better.

To read more about Asm. Maienschein, please click here.



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