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UC Irvine School of Medicine — RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT OUTREACH Trip: Health Disparities are Issues of Poverty

College of Medicine and Rural Areas, Ibadan University Of Ibadan-Ajibode Road, Ibadan, Nigeria

Health Disparities are Issues of Poverty:
A Research and Development Trip to Ibadan, Nigeria

BRI Faith NjokuMs. Faith Chibugo Njoku, Medical Student at University of California, Irvine School of Medicine will visit Nigeria where she will meet with other BRI leaders, members and supporters, using what she has learned from PovertyCure and elsewhere to create a platform from which to discuss how education, improvements in healthcare management, and refocused health policy can foster positive socio-economic solutions in rural Nigerian villages. By reaching medical students, local physicians, and the greater Ibadan community, Ms. Njoku and the “Project Group” will explore the local government’s role, or lack thereof, in Ibadan’s primary health sector.