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Yale—DEBATE: “How Should Doctors Be Paid? The Future of Physician Compensation and the Role of Government.”

Harkness Auditorium, Yale School of Medicine 333 Cedar St, New Haven, CT, United States

mosaic yale BPart of the healthcare reform debate is on how to improve care by modifying physician compensation. What method will best lead to quality improvement and cost reduction? Is it by replacing fee-for-service with ACOs, or bundled payments? Should all physicians be salaried, whether in government single-payer system or private businesses? Is fee-for-service the real culprit for rising costs by driving "volume not value?" Will other methods be superior? What are the best ways to discover better payment models? Is it  government-driven policy changes, or do we need to let market competition drive innovations in delivery and compensation?

Come hear what four policy experts have to say on this very important part of solving the challenges we face in providing quality, affordable medical care.

ModeratorHoward P. Forman, MD, MBA, Professor of Diagnostic Radiology, Public Health (Health Policy), Management, and Economics at Yale University.