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  2. Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Room EC-130

Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine—LECTURE: Freedom Healthworks: The Transition to Direct Primary Care

Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Room EC-130 Michael A. Evans Center for Health Sciences, Cold Spring Rd, Indianapolis, IN, United States

BRI Adam Habig Adam Habig of Freedom Healthworks

Direct Primary Care: Could it be your business model once you're a practicing physician? All are welcome to join BRI-Marian University chapter members for refreshments and to hear Adam Habig, co-founder of Freedom Healthworks speak about what made him interested in Direct Primary f-healthworks-logoCare (DPC), what DPC is, along with how his company is helping doctors in Indiana transition to DPC models. You can watch a short intro video to Freedom Healthworks here.

Adam Habig is a native of central Indiana with thirteen years of experience innovating within the realm of health care delivery. In 2003, Mr. Habig co-founded the biosciences technology firm ISPRIT Systems, which pioneered the use of a sophisticated information technology platform to better diagnose and manage complex chronic illness, ultimately ascending to the role of Chief Executive Officer of the firm. ISPRIT anticipated the elevation of chronic disease prevention and management as a chief cost control, ultimately attracting the attention of some of the world’s leading companies within the health insurance and diagnostics fields.

BRI Adam Habig Freedom HealthworksIn 2013, observing the rapid changes pervading healthcare delivery, Mr. Habig co-founded Freedom Healthworks to unleash the innovative potential of direct primary care on a broad scale. Our full service, turnkey model enables doctors to regain their freedom by joining the rapidly expanding movement to disentangle from the insurance and government-driven payment system. Physicians can once again deliver high quality care free of interference while setting prices their patients can afford. Patients regain the freedom to purchase routine primary care and preventive services (90% of all medical care) directly from their doctors for clear, standardized prices, while relegating insurance to its traditional role as a safeguard against catastrophic events. A licensed attorney, Mr. Habig maintains an independent law practice in addition to his leadership duties with Freedom Healthworks. He currently resides in Indianapolis with his wife, Megan.