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Debate: GWU – Federalist Society/BRI “The ACA is Constitutional – now what? Debate on the Regulations, Subsidies & Mandates”

Moot Court Room University Yard, Washington, DC, United States

Debate on Obamacare: Regulations, Subsidies, & Mandates

Michael Cannon, M.A., J.M., Director, Heath Policy Studies,  Cato Institute and Professor Sara Rosenbaum, J.D.,  Professor of Health Policy,  GWU School of Public Health and Health Services,  will debate some of the finer points of Obamacare's regulations. They will address the legality of expanding subsidies to federally run exchanges and the resulting expansion of the employer mandate. This wonky debate will dig into the details of the law for an engaging discussion.

NB:  This event will be held at the GWU LAW SCHOOL.