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Portland, OR Multnomah Athletic Club — Lecture: The Man Who Could Bring Down ObamaCare

Multnomah Athletic Club 1849 Southwest Salmon Street, Portland, OR, United States

Michael Cannon CATO headshotAre subsidies distributed through federal health insurance exchanges legal, or not? This is the question posed by King v. Burwell, scheduled for oral argument before the US supreme Court on March 4th with a ruling expected by June, 2015.

What is being deliberated, and why? How likely is it that the subsidies will be found illegal, and what would that mean for Oregon and Washington?

Just six days before the case is to be heard, you have the opportunity to learn the details from Michael Cannon, considered by some to be the "intellectual father" of the strategy behind this legal challenge. He will discuss the case, what is at stake in Oregon and Washington — and for the ACA in general — as well as present his thoughts on how Congress should reform healthcare.