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  2. US Capitol Bldg., Room 5G (5th floor), C St SE

Georgetown: A Conversation with Rep. Dr. Price (GA-6)

US Capitol Bldg., Room 5G (5th floor), C St SE Cannon House Office Building, 27 Independence Ave SE, Washington, DC, United States

Note: This event starts promptly at 1:30pm EST. Parking is limited, so please plan to use public transportation to the meeting.

Price, Tom (Rep)

Join BRI Student Leader Daniel McCorry for a conversation with Dr. Tom Price. Congressman Price has a remarkable career, first as an orthopedic surgeon, and now as a United States Representative. Because of his combined experience as well as his commitment to free market solutions, BRI members and interested attendees should have much to gain from engaging in dialogue with Dr. Price. Topics will include healthcare, policy, and ethics, among other things.