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Debate: US healthcare: Do we need to reform the reform?

Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine 1 Medical Center Dr, Stratford, NJ, United States

Debate/Discussion: US Health Care: Do we need to Reform the Reform?

Time :
Reception 5:30 PM
Debate 6:00 - 7:30 pm
Place: Academic Center Room - Auditorium, Rowan U. SOM, 42 E. Laurel Rd. Stratford, NJ 08084
Moderator: Dr. Linda Boyd, DO, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Rowan SOM
  • Dr. Alieta Eck, MD, past president AAPS - The role of Charity Care
  • Dr. Beth Haynes, MD, Executive Director, BRI - Free Market Solutions
  • Dr. William Thar, MD, Physicians for a National Health Plan - Single-Payer, The Next step
  • Dr. Martin Levine, DO, former President of the AOA, “Giving the ACA a chance to work”
  • Dr. Saurabh Jha, MD, Asst. Prof. Radiology, U. Pennsylvania, “Meeting in the Middle”